Moishaka - Our Mission

Our Mission: Reinvent the Bikini with an Ecological Consciousness

In August 2019, while on vacation, a spark of inspiration ignited. Carried away by the excitement, I quickly sketched out my idea. It was the start of an exciting adventure: in-depth research, prototype design, and numerous communications. This creative quest reached its peak on June 21, 2022, with the realization of my vision: the creation of an interchangeable and adjustable bikini top, a true innovation in the world of beach fashion.

Innovation and Comfort: Goodbye Ropes and Knots

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of ropes, back knots, and neck pain. Our first model, the 'Triangle', is made from recycled materials from the oceans. Thanks to an innovative magnet system, our bikini tops are fully interchangeable and adjustable. You can play with colors and, if necessary, opt for different sizes on each side, such as a medium on the left and a large on the right. And don't worry about magnets: this technology is already proven in bras.

Choice and Flexibility: Matching Bottoms and Ecological Commitment

To complete your ensemble, we offer two styles of bottoms: a low-rise model and a high-rise model, both offering full coverage and a perfect fit. The low waist is specially designed for a flexible fit on the sides.

With every order, Moishaka donates $0.10 to the ROLE Foundation, highlighting our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. All our swimsuits are carefully made in Bali.

We're kicking off our collection with three vibrant colors and two distinct bottom styles. Stay tuned: other models and colors will be added to our range very soon.

Join us in this fashion and ecological adventure!