Who we are?

I am Chantal Routhier, the passionate founder of this company. Originally from Gatineau, I have always cherished my hometown. I am characterized by my discreet nature, preferring shadow to light, and I am recognized for my simplicity, my loyalty and my deep respect for others.

My active life revolves around skiing, cycling, walking and paddle boarding. An unconditional lover of summer, I rejoice in the heat, bikinis and everything that evokes this sunny season. Comfort and quality of fabrics are essential for me, especially when it comes to choosing my clothes and swimwear.

The health of our planet and the preservation of the oceans are particularly close to my heart. Aware of the importance of cleaning our oceans, I am proud to offer eco-responsible products.

Moishaka's objective is to promote and sell a wide range of eco-responsible products. For me, it is crucial to be unique, to stand out, and to create your own style that makes you comfortable and confident.

I am a woman who embraces life with passion, always finding the positive in every situation. Today, it is with immense joy that I share with you my heart project, MOISHAKA!