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coton organique

Organic cotton

Organic/organic cotton, depending on their crops, uses no toxic products and does not exhaust the soil, because it (crop) is less energy and water intensive, because the soil is richer and retains rainwater better .

This therefore makes it possible to obtain clothing that pollutes very little, and which is therefore healthier in the long term for the planet.

This fabric is ideal for those with skin problems or allergies.

To the touch, it has this feeling of softness and freshness.




Bamboo is a very breathable fabric. This is why you stay cool and dry much longer than with your usual clothes. Bamboo also wicks away this moisture very quickly.

Bamboo is 5 times more absorbent than cotton. Fabrics made from bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Bamboo clothing is comfortable, quick-drying and temperature-regulating. Bamboo fabric is anti-static and does not stick to clothing. It is often described as having "the ultra softness of cashmere and the shine (shine) of silk".


bouteille d'eau

Globally, it is estimated that around 8 million tonnes of plastic waste makes up 80% of all marine litter and has been observed on shorelines around the world. (Dec. 2020)